Application field:cosmetic container ﹑food container﹑film﹑daily necessities﹑fastener﹑toy﹑Plastic decoration etc.

Application feature: With high brightness, good dispersion, no flow marks and other advantages.

XinQiDian pearl pigments with rich color and unique luster, excellent decorative effect, To meet the people's pursuit of beauty. The impressiveness, manufacturing leadership trendy products become possible, At the same time, change the appearance of the product quality, Add the product’s value. Different particle size can meet different requirements, the small size of a silk luster, hiding power strong, large particle size is shiny, high transparency.

When the pearl pigments mixing with different particle size range, it can cover plastic products covering power and high gloss.

XinQiDian pearl pigment’s Many advantages, It is widely used in the plastics industry,  Can be used for: shampoo, cosmetic, food, medicine bottles, boxes, packaging, plastic pad steam products, liquid packaging film, candy packaging film, film products, slippers, sandals, daily necessities, plastic floor, buttons, electrical enclosures, plastic parts, toys and other products, its appearance brightness dazzles the eyes. become the trend of the new.



XinQiDian pearl pigment can be used in almost all of plastic resin. Due to pearl pigment's unique luster and color completely depent on light reflection﹑ transmission, any weakening, blocking the light reflection, transmission, such as scattering of pigment (filling) , crystallization, multiphase polymer dispersion equal, will make the final products are fully displayed pearl effect.

Generally speaking, plastic resin's transparency are better, the final product's pearl effect and decoration are better. Such as: PMMA, PS resin. For transparency is not very good, but the plastic resin products with high brightness. Such as: LDPE, PP, PA, modified polystyrene

Also can get very good pearl effect. For opaque HDPE, although the light brightness, transparency is not good, but the pearl effect also can be displayed. Only for such as: PA-66 such a crystalline resin, pearl effect is very poor.



XinQiDian pearl pigment can mixing with transparent pigment used, can make the product more natural, vivid, attractive. Such as transparency, low coverage of phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, light red with high transparency, declinax ketones, fast violet organic pigment. With common metallic pigment, titanium dioxide, chromium, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow pigment series (hige strong coverage power) pigment (filling) mixing. Because the covering pigment on the cover and scattering light, will lose pearl pigments color and luster effect. When you must add covering pigment (filling) , adding amount should be as small as possible, usually no more than pigment’s 0.51%.

It can be used with carbon black and dark blue, Although they are opaque and with strong covering power , But they absorb pearlescent pigment’s all transmitted light , the reflected light can be strengthened, not only the final plastic products with good pearl effect, resulting with in additional color effect. Such as Xin Qi Dian silver white series pearl pigment mixing use with carbon black , there will be apper a kind of metallic silver gray, while improving the covering power. Blackness value can be deployed by changing the amount of carbon black, so as to achieve satisfactory results. When Xin Qi Dian gold series, iron series  mixing use with carbon black, it can create the very metal tone deep feeling.If Xin Qi Dian gold series mixing use with carbo black, a deep tan will be presented.



In plastic, Xin Qi Dian pearl pigment's adding amount is generally 0.5% ~ 2% (plastic resin weight ratio). But for the product and the films are thinner, there must be added content is higher (see Figure 1), Sometimes may be higher than 10%. We do not recommend the addition amount of extremely high, because the pearl pigment too much will make it not well oriented in the finished product configuration, produce flowers, atomization phenomenon, pearl effect may not be fully reflected. For different process and plastic resin, using experimental method to find the appropriate adding amount is necessary.

Addition of advice:

Plastic type                                         Add the amount (weight ratio)

Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)                                      0.5%~2%

Polyvinyl chloride(PS)                                        0.5%~1.5%

Polypropylene(PP)                                           0.5%~1.5% 

Polyester(PET)                                              0.5%~1.5% 

Polyethylene(PE)                                            0.5%~1.5%

Celluloid(Celluloid)                                           1~4%

Polycarbonate(Polycarbonate)                                 0.5%~1.5%

Styrene, acrylonitrile copolymer(AS)                            0.5%~1.5%

Styrene, acrylonitrile, butadiene copolymer(ABS)                 0.5%~1.5%



According to pearl pigment's physical properties, geometric parameters and the ordinary pigments have very big difference, therefore, in the use of the process should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Resin has high transparency. Avoid cover filling into the materials such as talcum powder etc.
  2. with other pigment match color, prefer to good transparent pigment. If the product lack of covering power, can combine use of the small particle size pearl pigments, to improve the products coverage. When you must add covering pigment, should a few added, and appropriately raise the pearl pigment 's content.
  3. In the mixing or processing pearl pigments, should not make the pearl pigment lamellae to avoid crushing injury, if distributed avoid to use high-speed dispersing machine to long time stirring.To other pigment shold grind to required fineness in advanc,after that mixing with pearl pigment, avoid pearlescent pigments with other pigments join to sand mill, ball mill, roller grinding dispersion machine mixed processing.
  4. Pearl pigments ultimately specific hue and pearls, metal luster, mostly depends on whether there is a uniform dispersion of pearl pigment and good parallel arrangement. In order to ensure the best dispersion which recommend same as other pigments, with system's liquid  to precast as slurry, at the same time ensure the consistency of the hue and avoid pearl pigment fly upward.
  5. Plastic resin is different with different properties, therefore, the relevant test is necessary.

(6) Different processing methods also affect the final product's pearl effect.