Corporate Culture



Culture is one kind of  powder. Our company owns perfect administration system, but we will not ignore the function of culture to personal and organiazation behavior. We regard organizational culture as  important moral powder, and sometimes it is fundamental and decisive. Therefore, we insist on "culture first,action second" .We rely on the existing organizational culture to choose employees, also  influence them, change them and constrain them. 
Culture is our souls. 

Enterprise philosophy: 1.Improve  company's system constantly; 
                                    2.Enrich  company's connotation; 
                                    3.Encourage employees to show their talents.

Enterprise idea: Good faith, credit-oriented, legitimacy and strive to become No. 1.

Enterprise content: Complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development.

Enterprise spirit: Ethics, unity, harmony and development.

Business goals: Use different methods to grow our own businesses.

Values: Let the quality prove our dignity.

Talent: Adopt your opinions,let you show your talents.Compete each other and try our best to improve ourselves.


Product lines: Execute international standards, optimize product quality; Improve technology constantly, optimize  product structure; 
        Accelerate technology transformation and optimize  competitive environment; Meet customers' demands, optimize  sales service; 
        Stand out quality  levels, optimize whole quality.

Development orientation: Collectivize, industrialize, standardize, automatize, and commercialize.

Service Tenet: Rely on good quality, develope with reputation , and create our more brilliant future.