Application scope: automobile paint, toys paint, household appliances surface spraying and the powder coatings etc.

Application feature: rich color at the same time create, down-flop highly personalized decoration effect.

XQD pearl pigment can apply in all of the painting system, such as acrylic acid, nitrocellulose, alcoholic acid, polyester etc. Its dispersity is good in water or the other solvent medium, so it is suitable to be used in the water-basic and solvent-basic painting system. It’s non-conductive, can prevent the danger of static spark, so it is perfect to the electrostatic coating technology of powder painting system. Its sulfide-resisting ability is strong, won’t cause any discoloration. It can bear 800℃ high temperature(except several items of QD48**) thus can be used in the baking finish. And its lightfastness and weatherability(rutile) is excellent, so it can satisfy the request of the using in the harsh environment. Now XQD pearl pigment is widely used in the painting of auto, bicycle, building materials, furniture, leather etc.


The usage of XQD pearl pigment is very simple, just mix some XQD pearl pigment with the other transparent base materials, but the final pearl effect will depend on the directional arrange of the pigment, in generally, the XQD pearl pigment will parallelly arrange automatically by the flowing direction of the painting because of its laminated structure, when the solvent medium volatilized or the other chemical reaction occurred, the viscosity of the painting will increased, and the arrange of the pigment will be fixed, then the pearl luster and the special hue will be displayed perfectly. But if the pigment layer is too thick, the solvent medium volatilize speed is too slow, or the operating environment temperature is too low, the viscosity of the painting will increased too slow and the range of pearl pigment will resume random, in this case, the pigment layer will be very dull and rough, cann’t create the gorgeous hue, and there will be very little or no pearl effect. So, it will be very important to choose the suitable drying speed and viscosity for every different painting system and find out their best proportion by tests.


I. Use amount

The use amount of XQD pearl pigment should depend on the painting thickness, operating method, transparency, cover area and target effect. Generally it is about 5-10%, but sometimes, even there is only 1% of pearl pigment, it can also create a special transparent sparkle effect. For the thin painting layer, the use amount of the pearl pigment should be increased, it may as high as 20%-30% in some cases, but generally high amount usage of pearl pigment is deprecated, because using too much of it will make the pigment slices can not ranged parallelly, and the gorgeous pearl effect will not created.


II. Wetting, dispersing and mixing

In order to let the painting disperse easier and can be used simpler, we suggest to wet the pearl pigment before mix it with other pigments, wet it into paste pigment will be the best cause it can avoid producing many bubbles when stirring. XQD pearl pigment have pretty big specific surface area, so the wetting will be very quick and easy. To make sue the hue is steady and prevent the flocculation, we suggest wet the pearl pigment for about 24 hours, wetting also can prevent raising the pearl pigment.


When mixing, simply stir around and the pearl pigment will disperse evenly. The lamella structure and the fragile property make the pearl pigment must not be dispersed by the high shear force (e.g: high speed dispersion machine) or grinding (e.g: roller mill, ball mill). These disperse way will cause the tabular crystal crush, and the pearl pigment will reduce or loss its pearl effect. If the high speed dispersion machine must be used, then the disperse time should be as short as possible. The pearl pigment should be add to disperse after other pigment have been evenly mixed.


As the tabular crystal is comparatively big and heavy, so they could be subside slowly, this can be controlled by using some flocculant and make the mixed painting into the loose re-dispersible precipitate, this ensure the paint can be storage long and prevent causing the hue difference by using two or more mixed painting.



The optional coating ways are knife coating, roller coating, air coat spraying, airless spraying, electrostatic spraying and so on.


The pigment should be evenly mixed before the operation,the anti-subside solution should be taken in the large scale continue operation and the suspended solids in the air should as few as possible to prevent the paint film pollution.


The suggested operating process is: first substrates surface treatment(flat, clean, the paint film can adhere very good), then operate the base coating, finally operate the pearl pigments coating. After the three steps, if additional coat the finishing paint on the pearl pigment coating, then the layered and pearl effect will be much more vivid.


As mentioned at previous, the paint could have excellent pearl effect and gorgeous colors only when the pearl pigment is parallelly arrange in a direction, so the spraying and the electrostatic spraying are the most suitable way to operate. In the airbrush coating, the suggested viscosity is Ford cup.No4/15~30 minutes, the air pressure should be high(35kg/cm3) to ensure the good atomization, the spraying should proceed 2-3 time in scumbling and there should be interval for volatilization of the solvent. All the above measures can help the pearl pigment arrange directionally and ensure the consistent of the coating colors.